Spring Piano Recital @ Atholton Adventist Church
May 6 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

The final recital of the year gives students an opportunity to share what they have learned, and what they enjoy, with family and friends.  Recital attendance and participation is mandatory for all piano students.  To ensure each student does their best and enjoys the event the music is expected to be ready a month beforehand.  It is ideal if the students have the piece memorized a month beforehand to allow it to settle in.  Also they should practice performing the piece for their family several times in April.  Plan to bring the music (even if it is memorized) to the recital and wear good clothes, to feel their best.  And please plan to stay for the full hour recital.  This is an important time for students to hear advanced music that they will want to learn.

There will be a reception after, please bring finger foods and David and Rose will provide the drink.

last week of lessons
May 21 – May 25 all-day