I'm Rose Eide-Altman and I enjoy teaching piano to a variety of students, beginners to advanced, young and old. I have a Master of Music degree and have the certification of "NCTM": Nationally Certified Teacher of Music. from the Music Teacher's National Association, the primary independant piano teacher's organization. For over 30 years I have been teaching piano independently in the Washington/Baltimore area.  Much of my recent teaching experience is at the college level and I specialize in teaching adults at all levels of skill.

Piano lessons at my home studio

Individual piano lessons for students, ages 5 to 85 years old, are available at my home studio south of Sykesville, MD.  Learning the piano forms a foundation for the study of any musical instrument for young children.  Playing the piano as an adult provides stress relief and builds confidence.  And advanced piano skills can provide a source of income when used in churches or community groups.

Lessons are once a week and can be 30 minutes for beginners and 45 or 60 minutes for more experienced pianists.  They include the study of music theory and keyboard technique.  See the Fees and Policies page for rates.

It is vitally important to have daily access to a piano in order to make progress and learn the weekly lesson assignment.  The minimum amount of weekly practice time is 2 hours, and will need to be longer with 45 or 60 minute lessons and more difficult music.  Electric keyboards are only suggested for beginners for the first year or two.

Contact me today for your free trial lesson!  It will give you an opportunity to meet me and discuss your goals for piano study.  See my contact information at the bottom of this page.